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Ivy Sea Founder & Sophia's Children Curator Jamie Walters and her Ivy Sea collaborators are leading-edge idea-catalysts and thought-partners for the transformation leaders, change catalysts, and 'creative nonconformists' who are ushering in a more sustainable, conscious, emergent-Wisdom culture.

Ivy Sea offerings catalyze and facilitate extraordinary relationship, elevated communication, and purposeful transformation...and help our fellow vision-seeders & transformation leaders to stay sane, centered, and skillful along the way!

Email Jamie directly at info 'at' ivysea 'dot' com to explore which resources and service-offerings best meet your unique aspirations and needs.

A client

A client says

The following web sites feature some nice resources regarding conflict prevention, peace-envisioning or community-building approaches:

• Beyond Intractable Conflict

• The Peace Center

• Compassionate Listening & Reconciliation

• Tolerance.org

• Southern Poverty Law Center

• Association for Conflict Resolution

• Conflict Resolution Center’s Archive

• Center for Advancement of Nonviolence

• A Season for Nonviolence

Ivy Sea Online
                      Conflict and Communication Portal
There's no shortage of conflict in this world. Indeed, it seems as if there are some groups and individuals whose very identity and prosperity depend on it. Yet the roots of conflict are complex, and not all conflict is created equal.

If we take our inspiration from Mohandas Gandhi, and those who inspired him as well as those who were inspired by his example, we can choose to prevent unnecessary conflict, or elect to undertake purposeful conflict, respectfully and skillfully. To know we have this choice is key.

We can choose to take up and wield the gentler weapons of awareness, discernment, civility, and skillful communication -- all of which require us to be grounded and centered -- and so opt to navigate conflict more often to better ends.

Our Ivy Sea Online Conflict & Communication Portal offers resources and tips to help you increase your skillfulness for preventing and resolving conflict.

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Conflict resolution and civility:

— Is "word violence" a norm in your organization/group?

— Group conflict: Coming back to common purpose

— Tribes or factions: Uniting on common ground (VIP)

— Conflict resolution: a communication tool for change

— Conflict resolution practices tip sheet.

— The high costs of incivility

— Conflict resolution basics: a check list


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