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Here are a few web resources to inspire your own spirit of generosity...

Season of Nonviolence Web Site

"Giftivism" from the Daily Good

"A Rebellion of Kindness" with Pancho Ramos Stierle

The Generosity Project

Generosity: A Spiritual Value & a Spiritual Practice

The events of recent history have reminded us about the preciousness of life and the very real value of compassion, empathy, and generosity.

When we attune to these 'higher values' -- or 'the better angels of our nature', as Abraham Lincoln said -- we're moved to take constructive, positive actions in our own lives each day to promote and support our deepest values and priorities.

What's more, both spiritual traditions and horizon-walking scientists suggest that these 'higher vibration' values and states of being ripple outward and attract 'like vibration' people and experiences to us.

In this spirit, and because we believe that every person, every action, and every thought can make a difference, we'd like to invite you to participate in a Season of Positive Action.

Our Season of Positive Action is inspired by the principles promoted by the Season of Nonviolence, which was itself inspired by the visions of Mahatma Gandhi and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Each year, the Season of Nonviolence begins on January 30 and continues for 64 days, during which people participate privately and voluntarily by engaging in activities such as honest communication, compassion, tolerance, courage, listening and generosity of spirit.

Whether you practice the Season of Nonviolence ideals at the beginning of each year, or start mid-year or later, be sure that it's always an ideal time to renew our dedication to the principles of and responsibilities related to nourishing our connection to Spirit and one another.

Anything that helps us to cherish our most satisfying responsibilities as co-creators of our communities and our experience is a worth our devotion.

But why stop with 64 days?

Why not look at launching a year-long season that begins with the Season of Nonviolence and continues right on through the year in an enduring Season of Positive Action?

That journey can begin with one step, day by day.

What action you can take today?

Begin by reviewing some of the links included on this page.

Schedule some time for reflection about how you might share your highest and best self to contribute to more positive interactions, a more positive and skillful workplace, a safer and friendlier neighborhood or community, and a more loving and kind home.

Jot a few notes in your journal or notebook about how you'd like others to feel after interacting with you -- what effect would you like to have?

Know that your personal development and spiritual development practice ripples out into the collective 'field', so it, too, is a form of positive action.

You can make a difference; your thoughts and actions do matter.

Why not start here, right now -- with the inspiration-links on this page.

Are you ready to enliven your business or livelihood (or home!) with these energizing-values?

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Golden rules for interpersonal mastery

Voice lessons: Finding & freeing your authentic voice

Connecting with the power of Sacred Wisdom

Content Portal: The Energies of Change

There are many more inspiring and skill-building articles here at Ivy Sea Online -- including the "Inspired Communication (& Skillful Listening) eWorkbook in the VIP Collection.

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