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[This is Jamie's 'Real-Story Bio'.
If you're looking for
Jamie's 'Straight-Up Professional Bio',
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Looking back, I can see that one of the key themes of my life -- both 'personally' and 'professionally' -- has been creating and navigating change and transformation.

Along the way, my inner Vision, Communication, and Transformation Doula was born and intensely trained.

Though I'd already built up considerable experience with visioning, communication, change, and 'conscious business' -- both as an employee in organizations and then as a boutique-consultancy founder -- I deepened awareness of these skill-areas after surfing some Big Waves of radical transformation that started in 2000.

What was the key to navigating this journey of big-time change and transformation?

Alongside my years of professional training and experience with communication and change, I've had a 'parallel life'.

For many years now, along-side my 'professional work-life', I've had the amazing good fortune to study with and receiving mentoring from elders and wisdom-keepers from several Indigenous traditions, my Qigong grandmaster, and several other very wise mentors.

As a result, I know from experience that the wisdom from these ancient or timeless wisdom traditions is a key that really opens the full potentials of transformative leadership, skillful change, conscious business, truly elevated communication, and mindful relationship.

Since the turn of the new millennium in 2000, I've traveled from being solidly planted in the left-brained, analytical, Masculine, 'left brain', analytical approach so common in our culture, to reawakening the amazing Feminine,  right-brain, heart-centric gifts of visioning, intuition, empathy, "the Clairs" (ask me about it!), and a different way of moving into inspired 'right action'.

This allows a more whole-seeing approach ... the ability to see patterns, common threads, issues that aren't quite that obvious, and tap the repository of lived-experience that the 'left brain' allows.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, it's a matter of the 'thinking mind' being in service to the 'intuitive brilliance' ... particularly when it comes to higher level problem solving and truly creative, out of the box thinking.

Applied wisdom, as well as applied experience, to put it another way.

It's been a real joy for me to work with other transformative leaders, change catalysts, and creative nonconformists, and see each make significant breakthroughs in clarity, sense of purpose, creative momentum, and inspired action as they move through transformation ... to being catalysts of transformation.

The 'Straight-Up Professional & Education/Training Bio'

If you'd like more information about my specific professional history, education and publishing highlights, read my full-length bio.

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